The IQAC cell of Al- Ameen College, Edathala organised a one day Faculty Development Programme and interactive session with Dr. M.P. Rajan(Member, Peer Team & Former Academic Consultant, NAAC, Bangalore) on 04/10/2019 for the whole staff of the institution. A variety of anxieties were in the minds of the staff of the institution, regarding the criterion filing and other related matters of Assessment procedures of NAAC.

In view of all these concerns, IQAC organised a workshop, where a chance was provided for the whole staff to interact with Dr. M.P. Rajan, who is an experienced and well versed person in the NAAC Assessment procedure. Dr. Junaid Rahman, Manager of the institution, inaugurated the programme while Prof. M.B. Sasidharan, Principal, presided over the function.

The session helped the staff to overcome their concerns about the NAAC Assessment and criterion parameters, as the resource person fulfilled to develop confidence in the minds of the entire staff to help meet the assessment procedure of NAAC.