TitleAuthorBooks / JournalConference / ProceedingsYear Of PublicationISBN/ISSN Number
Results on generalised p-closed setsVinitha.TAnnals of pure and applied mathematics----------2017-182279-087X
p-compactness and C-p.compactnessVinitha.TGlobal journal of pure and applied mathematics----------2017-180973-9750
On Generalised p-closed setsVinitha.TInternational journal of pure and applied mathematics----------2017-181314-3395
Non-primeIsolated,p-Irreducible, p-Door and Sub p-maximal SpacesVinitha.TBulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association------2017-189732721
An analytical proof of the prime number theoremSreejith M MAl- Ameen Annuals- A Refereed Journal for interdisciplinary studies----------2017-182581-7078