Department of Sound Engineering, Al-Ameen College, Edathala in association with the Department of Additional Languages organized the presentation of its documentary – ‘Daveli’ as part of the initiative -‘Vanishing Arts’ – an attempt to give life to those art forms that are on the verge of extinction. The program had as its objective to bring long forgotten forms of art to the notice of the Government and public and thus rejuvenate them. The documentary directed by the acclaimed director Sri.Ranganath Ravee tried to present Daveli- one such art form that is vanishing at a fast pace. The documentary presentation was done by the famous Malayalam writer and literary critic Dr. M. Leelavathy, who handed over the poster to the noted writer, Dr. Rethi R. Menon. Dr.M. Leelavathy enlightened the audience about a few age old epics and stories from the past. Prof. Sasidharan M.B, Principal, welcomed the gathering which was conducted in the Seminar Hall. Member of Al-Ameen Educational Trust, Adv. Ibrahim Khan honored Dr. M. Leelavathy during the function. College Manager, Dr. Junaid Rahman, Dr. Shalini Ajith, Dr. M.H Shaniba, Dr. Cini Kurian, Prof. Abdul Salam, Sound Engineering Department Prof. Reena Paulson, Prof. Harold Correya and Prof. Abdul Hakkeem also spoke during the occasion.