The human zodiac is going through a crisis like never before created by the pandemic Covid 1 9. Schools and colleges all over the world have been shut down, and the education sector has become the newest and most critically acclaimed online learning platform. Recognizing that it is not the golden goose that is being claimed, Al-Ameen College began its efforts to allay the fears of its students who are struggling with technology in limited circumstances and take them to digital equality.
As the colleges closed, teachers began interacting with students through online classes and began to think about how to implement this method most effectively. Supporting such collective thinking and deliberation, management suggested conducting a survey of online learning facilities among the students. The connectivity device was cited as a major problem. Based on this the college decided to provide ‘tabs’, as an online learning tool for the children who are in need.
Within two weeks of opening the college, all the students of the college were provided all the facilities for online learning. Through this the initiative the college aims to provide equity by extending hands to support the marginalised. The College management and teachers are recognizing all the limitations that come with online learning. The management and the teachers hope that these efforts to find new alternatives without succumbing to limitations will be successful.