The department of biotechnology has conducted a biodiversity survey during September 2018. The major objective of the survey was to examine the changes occurred in the biodiversity of selected areas after flood. Two faculties from our department, Mrs. Alphy Nisa Stephen and Mrs. Rahi Mol Ramesh attended the training programme prior to the survey. The Training was provided by the Kerala biodiversity board at Alappuzha. The duration of the training was 2 days. The survey protocol was scheduled according to the plan given during the training. five students were selected for the survey. Ms. Niloofer Nahan, Surya C Suresh, Noufila K A , Sumayya A L were the selected students. The survey was conducted in the 22 ward of Choornikkara panchayath. The survey was conducted in 23 and 24 th of November.The major findings of the survey includes ; emergence of new species in affected areas, loss of indigenous species after flood, Disappearance of mosquitoes, emergence of African snail .The report was submitted to the panchayath.