The Association Inauguration, Elan-2018 was held on 3rdOctober, 2018 in the Auditorium , Al AmeenCollege. Reverend Fr. Sheise Thomas, a renowned children’s magazine editor and dramatist was the chief guest. The session started with an invocation to God Almighty, followed by the welcome speech by Joel Johny. The chief guest, Fr. Sheise Thomas delivered an insightful speech. He started off by giving a motivation talk on humanity and its values. Then he moved on tothe topic” The importance of fine arts in curriculum and the necessity of inculcating aesthetic outlook among the students”. He also encouraged the students to make it a habit to read the newspaper every day.After the formal inauguration the students showcased their talents in various areas. All the programmes of the association day turned out to be a colossal success with the active involvement and team spirit of the faculties as well as the students. The inauguration of the Association marks the beginning of all the activities of the Department of English for the academic year 2018-19.