Al Ameen College is located in a remote area of Ernakulam district and the majority of the students are girls who hail from financially deprived families. The main objective of this higher education institution is to educate and empower these marginalized students and pave them a way to improve their socio economic status. This intuition also caters the needs of the marginalized women in the locality and inspire them to face the hard and harsh challenges of the real life.

Women Cell of our college in association with Institution Council started an Initiative “Ammaykkoru Account” in which the mothers of our students who try hard to meet the ends are encouraged to stitch surgical gowns and masks. The IIC of our college supplies these items to IMA ,Kochin and the profit is distributed to these financially disadvantaged mothers. Thus this microenterprise is a boon to their family . Another initiative “ Samridhi “ provided an income to a woman in the nearby ward of our college .Her husband was a patient , suffering from Kidney failure. The woman donated her Kidney to her husband but the sole responsibility of running family was entrusted to her. Understanding this pathetic situation of the family, women cell and IIC gave her training to make doormats and now the doormat making unit- Samridhi is now running under her control. Later she lost her husband, at that time the college appointed the women as office attendant and supported her family. The institutional stakeholders collectively work for the upliftment of the women in disadvantaged position like widows and divorcees. College appointed two widows and one divorcee in temporary positions in our office and this income is helpful for them to run their family. On successful completion of the training on assembling LED Bulbs and Tubes, given by the College, the Kudumbasree units started their own LED making unit.

The effort of upliftment of our girl students is multifaceted. The institution regularly conducts gender awareness programs, capacity building workshops, self defense workshops, financial literacy workshops, training workshops in stitching, garment making ,food preservation, cake making, etc and instill the confidence and self esteem to lead a financially independent life. Many of our students have their own online marketing units of confectionary and garment items and earn their income and ensuring the financial literacy for their academic future.

The most prestigious program of our institution implemented to inculcate self-reliance and confidence in the women students was “She Drive”. The women cell of our institution initiated the “She Drive “and in this programme more than 60 girls completed their driving class and got driving license .This initiative was an inspiration for many of the girls who are from marginalized community to come out as self confident and successful individuals in facing the critical challenges in life.