Al Ameen College strives to realize its vision by providing an education that highlights the core values of secularism, culture and tradition, and character formation. The mission of the college was to become a centre of excellence by imparting the best possible academic platform that produces globally competent,ethically sound and socially committed individuals. To create globally competent individuals demanded by the era of academic overproduction, the college is always keen on engaging the young individuals in new learning experiences that integrates ICT enabled comprehensive teaching- learning techniques. Our college promotes a teaching learning approach based on Learning Management System .The world is changing fast, the literal and figurative boundaries are also changing and even vanishing. To thrive in this new and rapidly changing environment, the new generation students need variant skills compared to the generations that came before. The college developed a Special Coaching in Soft Skill and placement grounded on a globally focused curriculum including high-order erudition, reasoning, shared language and cultural understanding to equip the students to face the challenges in the globally changing scenario.

The Community extension activities of the college is selected as the core area and it addresses crucial domains of Social issues.


Working for oppressed populations to achieve social transformation.

The continuation of bureaucratic system of oppression and power, and its grip on communities, families,and individuals is a ceaseless concern .To dismantle and address these systems is not an easy task .But we are making great strides by supporting them through the strategies of the Al-Ameen community extension Club in association with different departments and clubs .We have launched various programmes for the tribal development in Kuttampuzha Tribal village .The students and staff conducted a Ur(Village) visit and Nature walk to understand and identify the obstacles that hinder the upliftment of these tribal communities from the mainstream. We focus on the activities to elevate the status of the tribal youth by providing educational support and empowerment activities. The Dept. of English conducted a motivational class for the students of the Tribal School in Pinamoorkudi village in Kuttampuzha. Pinamoorkkudi and Pandappara are the remotest hamlets in Idukki district of Kerala, the possibility of borrowing books from a library or even have one in their locality was a distant dream. The students under the aegis of Community Extension Club launched an initiative, ‘Oorinnoru library’, to help the tribes living in ‘Uru’ (Adivasi villages) to realise their dreams of attaining knowledge. Under the project, they donated over 1,000 books and shelves to two villages at Kuttampuzha. The students also associated with tribal craftsmen to learn their craft and helped the tribal villages out in making and selling the products. The amount generated was used to buy more books and shelves to set up libraries in eight of the remaining villages. The noble mission is continuing this year also with an aim to establish libraries in all the hamlets of Kuttampuzha. These libraries took flight, with more and more people in the community visiting them in search of books.Another admirable effort was the renovation of Anganwadis in tribal settlement ward of Kanjoor panchayat.The College Community Extension Club and the English Department have taken up the initiative to transform the Anganwadis through infrastructural refurbishment in association with the local communities.This effort has created a positive impact in terms of enrolment and working hours of the centre as well as learning outcomes of the children.

Rekindling love and compassion to the fellow beings

We are alarmed to see the growth of old age homes in Edathala Gram Panchayat. These elderly people are forced to live alone and are exposed to various kinds of setbacks such as lack of physical, social, emotional and financial support. The inmates are categorised into two groups: First: The ones abandoned and deserted by their families and Second: others who are physically disabled and mentally challenged. Our college has taken initiatives to provide a sense of belongingness to these elderly people by celebrating the festivals like Onam, Christmas etc. with them, and to add on to their happiness we distribute Onakkodi(New Clothes), vegetables from the college farm and groceries. To break the monotony of their lives the students presented various entertainment programmes and made them to sing and dance along with them.The Dept. Of Tourism arranges a tour programme “Tour with Grandparents” for the inmates of the old age home every year.

NSS took initiative to construct houses under the project “Home for Homeless”.1n 2014-2015 and 2018-2019, NSS with the help of local bodies identified two impoverished widows in Edathala Gram Panchayat and built houses at zero cost to the recipients. The students conducted “Kudukka Challenge”(Piggy Bank Challenge) and raised an amount of INR 58,000 towards this noble venture. Varasanthwanam, Varayalivu, flood relief activities are other instances highlighting the commitment to society.

The Charity Club started a project “One Day, One rupee” to support the financially backward patients suffering from chronic and life threatening diseases like Cancer. The financial burden caused by the expensive and long treatments pushed them to fiscal deficit and mental agony. To alleviate these daunting and distressing situations, students of our college visit the Cancer ward of General Hospital, Ernakulum and lend monetary and moral support.

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