The vision of Al Ameen College is to create an educated and enlightened society by placing a strong thrust on secularism, culture, tradition and character formation for the betterment of society.
The college also strives to provide the best possible academic platform by offering ICT enabled comprehensive teaching learning techniques for transforming our youth into globally competent, ethically sound and socially committed individuals. As an extension of this mission, the college under the auspices of the Department of English established EEEC(English Efficiency Enhancement Course), a certificate course that focuses on the development of language skills of the students in order to equip them for facing the challenges of the globally changing scenario. As a gateway to the world of opportunities, English has become an inevitable part of higher studies. This understanding steered the development of interest in the areas of STEEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, English and Mathematics) apart from the earlier concept of STEM which includes only the science and maths streams. Knowledge of English as a skill has been identified as the hallmark of personal and professional success and this realization has brought its teaching to the fore. The tremendous impetus it has on steering the career path and crafting the career growth of the candidate, has urged many upcoming and progressive institutes to give teaching of English as a skill its due importance.
The primary objective of the language communication skills has become the basic teaching objective too. It is now the prerogative of the institutes to ensure that the learners go beyond the learning of reading and writing, and enhance their listening and speaking skills. Their proficiency in listening and speaking is after all a game changer as far as the success of a candidate is concerned.
A conscious teaching of English as a skill is thus the need of the day. A curriculum catering to all the language learning skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) needs to be available to the learners, focusing more on enhancing their communication skills. Good English Language Labs are able to meet all the necessary parameters to effective language learning. While acting as catalysts, they bring about tremendous yet positive changes in the learners. The self-paced learning and secure environment provided to learning English by such labs aid the learners acquire the language at a better pace than they otherwise would.


With the aim of enhancing the English language skills of our students, we, the Department of English, is putting forward an effective English language course, English Efficiency Enhancing Course (EEEC), from this academic year onwards. As a part of developing this course, we have taken a survey, by taking the opinion of all the departments, regarding the areas and the obstacles the students are facing and the reasons on why our talented students are pulled backwards while competing with the students of other colleges. The main issue raised by all the departments was the lack of good language skills in English which affect the students adversely in both their academic and professional growth. In response to this, we have planned the course, English Efficiency Enhancing Course (EEEC), in such a way that the main objective is to promote an atmosphere of English Language by providing all the possibilities to learn English in the best possible way.
The relevance of the course lies in the fact that it will aid our students to achieve what they lack as their English Language skills and thus, helping them to develop their intellectual, personal and professional abilities. Apart from the use of English effectively for study purpose across the curriculum, this course will enable the students to acquire basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and also to acquire the linguistic competence necessarily required in various life situations. This course will mould them to be competent in this competitive world helping them improving their academic writing skills, enabling them to be effective communicators, active performers in interviews and to be active participants in Group Discussions.
With the learning of this course, we believe that we would be able to observe a positive difference in the English language skills of our students over a period of time. The modern learner, when allowed this facility, does surely benefit and adds value to his/her skill base and future employability.

The course is designed as a three year course where the students, from the 1st year to 3rd year will have to learn this course as mandatory to improve their English Language Skills. Rather than developing this course as semester based one, we have structured it as an yearly course and students from the 1st year will be learning the basis of English Language and will lead them to the advance levels of English language in their 3 years of academic journey.

EEC is unique in its very idea itself. The course is conceived as an inseparable part of the students’ main curriculum. Here Learning of English is envisaged as a curiosity enhancing venture by preparing syllabus based on their respective study area. For instance, students of the Chemistry stream will be given study materials corresponding to their area of interest, i.e., science and Economics students will be given materials corresponding to their area of interest. These materials will be chosen with the help of the teachers of the concerned departments and will be renewed and updated each year. Thus the course envisages a decentralized, activity oriented, student-centered approach towards the inculcation of English Skills.
The course is designed with the objective of illuminating our students and paving them the way to strengthen themselves academically and professionally with the power of English Language. In short, after the completion of the course, English Efficiency Enhancing Course (EEEC), the students of our college, by absorbing the LSRW Skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing), would be able to communicative (both orally and written) in English with confidence making them successful in their career.
By rendering customized course design to each of the various courses in the college, the program focuses on the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. EEEC is intended to be developed into a certificate course in the nearest future, with a well structured design befitting a career- supportive curriculum. With much reception from the college as a whole, EEEC is gladly on its way to reach greater realms of linguistic excellence