Internal Examination Cell

The College runs a systematic conduct of internal examinations coordinated by the Internal Examinations Committee. At the end of every academic year a group of teachers are appointed as charge for conduct of internal examinations for that academic year and one of these teacher will be the coordinator of the internal examination committee. It is the duty of the internal examination committee to conduct periodically examinations with the consent and permission of Principal and their activities will be monitored by Principal and IQAC. At the end of the academic year the internal examination committee must submit a file on all reports and statements of all examinations conducted during that particular year.

Objectives : 

  • To plan the date of internal examinations according to the academic calendar
  • To conduct meetings periodically to fix date and time of examinations
  • Time table fixation of internal examinations and its display
  • Seating arrangements and allocation of class rooms
  • To fix squad duty to avoid malpractices in examination hall
  • To collect question papers in centralised manner
  • To fix invigilation duties of teachers for internal examinations
  • To collect answer scripts and distributing it to respective departments for valuation.
  • Attendance statement and other details of examination is communicated to Principal
  • To conduct atleast 2 internal examination in each semester and one model examination.

Internal Examination Grievance Redressal

The grievances related to the conduct of internal examination is handled by the internal examination cell. It is taken utmost care to redress the grievances as early as possible. A three tier system of addressing the grievances is maintained in the institution. In the first tier system the students can file their complaint to the internal examination cell and in the second tier they can file the complaint to their HOD and in the third tier the students can directly file complaint to the Principal. A systematic procedure is adopted to maintain transparency in redressing the grievance of students. The students can file their complaints in both offline and online mode. In offline they can register complaint in the complaint boxes fixed at every floors and in online mode they can register grievance in the portal in the college website.

Following are the list of Internal Examination Cell of academic year 2021 -2022

Ms. Rilga K O   Coordinator (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mathematics)

                 Ms. Shyney   Member (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Tourism)

                 Ms. Shameera   Member (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science)