General Rules

Once students are admitted to an educational institution, they are bound by the code of conduct laid down by the educational institutions through the prospectus or college calendar, and it is implicit that they should observe the code of conduct necessary for proper administration and management of the institution. (Wa No. 535 of 2003, dt 26 May 2003, High Court of Kerala)

  1. Attendance: Students must arrive before the second bell and latecomers will be considered absent.
  2. Discipline: Students are expected to maintain discipline both inside and outside the college.
  3. Uniform: All students must adhere to the approved pattern of uniform dress and wear it modestly.
  4. Identity tag: Students must wear their identity tags within the college campus and produce them upon request.
  5. Dignity and morale: Students should maintain their dignity and morale in their interactions with staff and outsiders.
  6. Permission for meetings and functions: Prior permission from the principal is required for any meetings or functions on campus.
  7. Ragging: Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and can result in disciplinary actions and criminal proceedings.
  8. College property: Students must handle college property with care, and any damage or destruction may lead to fines and legal actions.
  9. Cleanliness: Students are responsible for keeping the college building and campus premises neat, disposing of waste in dustbins, and refraining from writing or making marks on walls or furniture.
  10. Political activities: Political activities, such as strikes, protests, or gatherings, are strictly prohibited in campus . Management has the right to decide about the mode of election.
  11. Prohibition of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol: Bringing, using, selling, sharing, or promoting tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol on campus is considered a grave offense and can result in criminal cases, removal from the college, and cancellation of candidature.
  12. Suspension: Suspended students are not allowed to enter the college premises during the period of suspension.
  13. Non-violence: Students must not engage in verbal or physical assault, use threatening language, or act violently towards fellow students, teaching or non-teaching staff, or visitors. Disciplinary and legal actions will be taken against those who violate this rule.
  14. Ragging as a violation of human rights: Ragging is considered a form of violence and a breach of human rights. Perpetrators will face legal and disciplinary consequences.
  15. Fee payment: Fees must be paid according to the specified dates and failure to do so will result in a fine. If fees remain unpaid beyond a certain point, the student may be removed from the college rolls.
  •  Date of remittance of fees:

             1st Instalment – At the time of Admission in the College Office.

             3, 5 installments- On or before June 15

             2,4 & 6 Instalments—On or before December 15 Every Year

Those who failed to remit the fees on the prescribed date will have to pay a fine of Rs.100/- for every 15 days up to July 30th in the first half, and December 30th in the 2nd half of the year. After that, the defaulter will be removed from the rolls of the college.

  1. Study tours and industrial visits: These activities should be conducted as per the rules set by the government, management, and respective departments.
  2. Celebrations: All celebrations inside the campus should be conducted according to directions of the Government, University, and college authorities.
  3. Malpractices: Any form of malpractice will be considered a serious offense and will be punished according to the directions and rules of the university.
  4. Vehicle inside the campus: First-year undergraduate students are not allowed to bring vehicles into the campus. However, other students are allowed to bring vehicles through a special gate provided for that purpose. students are not permitted to enter through the college’s main entrance with their vehicles.
  5. shortage of attendance: The attendance report published by the department before the 10th of every month is considered the final report for the previous month. No additions or deletions will be allowed to the monthly published attendance under any circumstances.

Students need to be aware of and adhere to these guidelines to ensure a conducive learning environment and maintain a positive educational atmosphere.