Audio Recording Studio

The Recording Studio facility of Al-Ameen College, B.Voc Sound Engineering Department is a state of the art facility equipped with industry’s most advanced and latest equipment and software. The studio is equipped with all the facilities necessary for audio and film industry. With PreSonus Quantum as the audio interface, running ProTools Ultimate 12 as main DAW along with Cubase Pro 10 for music production, the studio is equipped with industry leading software and hardware platform. The studio is equipped with 5.1 mixing and mastering facility. The 5.1 monitoring setup consists of Dynaudio LYD 7 and LYD 5 series studio monitors, along with Dynaudio 9S subwoofer, for pristine audio quality. It also comes along with a PreSonusFaderport 8 controller, to make the audio mixing process easy and flexible. We also have a PreSonusStudioLive III Digital Mixer to add to the hardware list, which can be used inside the studio or for live sound applications.

We have a collection of high end microphones like Warm Audio W47, AKG C414, Rode NT-5, AKG Drum kit microphones etc.The Studio Control room is spacious and large enough to conduct group sessions and classes. The vocal booth is also large, and can accommodate even a large string section with ease. Studio is also equipped with facilities for video dubbing/ADR.