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World Soil Day Celebration- Vermicompost Distribution


The Bhoomitra sena club of Al Ameen college celebrated World soil day on December 5 to highlight the importance of healthy soil and advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources. They also raised awareness of the drawbacks of using chemical fertilizers and spread awareness of the importance of protecting the soil. On this day [...]

World Soil Day Celebration- Vermicompost Distribution2021-10-07T14:38:00+05:30

Solid Waste Segregation Project


To improve the waste management system in our college, with the full support of Al Ameen College management, nature club has properly placed and verified the solid segregation system in the campus. Food, Paper and plastic wastes were collected separately for efficient processing, recycling and repurposing of the waste. On every floor of the college, [...]

Solid Waste Segregation Project2021-10-07T14:10:41+05:30



In order to spread the idea of waste management based on the concept  “reduce, reuse, and recycle” among our students, The Nature club, Al-Ameen College had conducted an inter-department competition- ‘Ramaneeyam‘. Through the competition, all the departments were directed to beautify their department in an eco-friendly way, strictly adhering to the concept of reduce, reuse [...]


World Habitat Day Celebration


Al Ameen College, Bhoomitra sena club organized a one-week long program from 16 October to 23 October 2020 as part of the “ World habitat day” celebration. The focal theme for the program by the club was “Let’s protect the habitat of butterflies”. Through these programs, various flowering plants, which could attract butterflies were planted [...]

World Habitat Day Celebration2021-10-07T14:28:36+05:30

Organic Farming


The part of the college land containing weeds and building wastes were cleaned by the nature club members with the complete support of college management. This land was then effectively utilized for the organic farming of spinach. The slurry from the biogas plant was taken as the fertilizer for the same. Two varieties of spinach [...]

Organic Farming2021-10-07T13:30:18+05:30

The Pen Box Mission


The nature club members placed 'pen boxes' in every classroom, staff room, and office to collect used pens. It wasn't just about collecting pens, but also about creating awareness among students about reducing plastic waste and emphasizing the need to recycle it. The benefit will be that people won't carelessly toss pens around. The collected [...]

The Pen Box Mission2021-10-07T13:28:01+05:30

Webinar on “Rain Water Harvesting”


The Nature club, in association with the Department of Biotechnology, Al-Ameen College, conducted a webinar on “Rain water harvesting” on 18 September 2020. The program was conducted as part of our natural resources protection activities with the aim to give awareness to the student community on different ways to preserve rain water for future needs [...]

Webinar on “Rain Water Harvesting”2021-10-07T14:53:51+05:30
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