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Webinar on “Rain Water Harvesting”


The Nature club, in association with the Department of Biotechnology, Al-Ameen College, conducted a webinar on “Rain water harvesting” on 18 September 2020. The program was conducted as part of our natural resources protection activities with the aim to give awareness to the student community on different ways to preserve rain water for future needs [...]

Webinar on “Rain Water Harvesting”2020-10-07T09:33:37+05:30

Inter-Collegiate Online Orientation Program on “Solid Waste Management”


The Bhoomithrasena club in association with Department of biotechnology, Al-Ameen College conducted an Inter-Collegiate online orientation program on “Solid waste management” on 17 September 2020. This program was conducted as part of our environment protection activities with the aim to give awareness to the student community on proper disposal, recycle and reuse of solid waste. [...]

Inter-Collegiate Online Orientation Program on “Solid Waste Management”2020-10-07T09:38:04+05:30

Smrithi Vrikshangal


In memory of the retired teaching and non-teaching staff members, the College Palliative Club and Nature Club conducted planting of tree samplings (Smrithivrikshangal) as a tribute to them . The retired college Principals Prof.Sasidharan M B , Dr.Anita Nair,Prof.Abdul Kareem along with the faculty member of the department of additional language ( Arabic), Prof.Aysha Beevi [...]

Smrithi Vrikshangal2020-06-16T14:18:04+05:30

World Environment Day Celebration


As a part of world environment day,in association with NCC,NSS,Nature Club,Bhoomitra Sena Club and Department of Biotechnology on 5th June 2020 , our college whole heartedly  took part in the celebration through an initiative of planting various tree samplings in and around the college campus. Smt. Sajitha Abbas, Edathala Grama Panchayath president inaugurated and felicitated [...]

World Environment Day Celebration2020-06-16T09:17:08+05:30

International Forest Day Celebration


The International Forest Day is celebrated on March 21st of every year to raise awareness about the environment and various is types of forests.The nature club of Al-Ameen College celebrated the same by  organizing campaign sin a different way from 21stMarch,2020 due to the out-break of COVID19 . The nature club team promoted and motivated [...]

International Forest Day Celebration2020-04-10T10:03:52+05:30

‘Save HMT Forest’ Campaign


HMT Forest is a thickly wooded area that spreads over 72 acres in a property owned by Hindusthan Machine Tools (HMT) at Kalamassery, Ernakulam. It is an ‘Urban Canopy’ (Nagarathile Ithiripacha) rich in biodiversity, housing around 180 avian species including the state butterfly of Kerala. Several plants, trees and insects were also identified by [...]

‘Save HMT Forest’ Campaign2021-01-08T16:16:00+05:30

Participation in the Seminar “The Importance of ‘Kavu’ in the Environmental Protection”


The members of nature club, Al-Ameen College attended a one day seminar on “The importance of ‘KAVU’ in the environmental protection” at Ponnakkudam Bhagavathi temple ground, Thevakkal on 29th February, 2020. The seminar was jointly organized by National Medicinal Plant Board, State Medicinal Plant Board of Kerala and Ponnakkudam Bhagavathi Devasam Trust. The coordinator [...]

Participation in the Seminar “The Importance of ‘Kavu’ in the Environmental Protection”2021-01-08T16:26:09+05:30



A one day training programme on “recycling wastes into valuable organic fertilizer by vermin composting” was held by Nature club in association with department of biotechnology on 24th February 2020. Vermicomposting is the production of high quality compost from organic waste by utilizing earthworms. It helps in converting the organic waste into highly nutrient rich [...]


Bio Composting


The nature club of Al-Ameen College in association with department of biotechnology constructed a Bacterial composting unit as a part of their solid waste management programme with the assistance of college management. A class on biocomposting was conducted by the club on 3rd February, 2020. The training was given by Mr. Krishnakumar, Marketing Manager, Hitech [...]

Bio Composting2021-01-09T14:18:57+05:30
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