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Anti-ragging campaign


The Anti-Ragging Committee of Al Ameen College, organized an Anti-ragging awareness programme on 21st June 2019 for the 2nd and 3rd year students of our college. The resource person was Adv. V. M Sajan (High Court of Kerala) took classes on ragging and the political and legal issues of the same. Ragging is one of [...]

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Anti-Ragging Committee Meeting


A statutory meeting of the Anti -Ragging Committee of Al-Ameen College, Edathala was conducted on 13-07-17. The programme was presided over by the college Principal, Dr. Anita Nair. Also present for the function was Ms Sajitha Abbas, Member of Edathala Panchayath. They discussed the activities of the committee for the academic year and also pointed [...]

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Anti Ragging Awareness


The Anti- Ragging Committee of the college continued its act of concern in conducting awareness programs in the years that followed. In 2017, the awareness program extended to two days of inspirational sessions. 30th June and 4th July observed the illuminating session chaired by Mrs. Athira, Assistant Professor at NUALS. She talked about the consequences [...]

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Flash mobs are performances conducted to attract public attention. These are organized to address various social issues and to create awareness among people about them. Ragging is a much prevalent issue in educational institutions today and the need to make others understand about the dire consequences of it is of utmost importance. The second and [...]

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Anti-Ragging Awareness Class


It was on 14th July of 2016, that our college conducted the third anti- ragging awareness class. The first class Judicial Magistrate of Aluva, Justice John Varghese delivered a consistently informative session to the second and final year undergraduate students at the session. The students raised several doubts including certain law points to which the [...]

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Anti-Ragging Committee Meeting


A statutory meeting of the Anti -Ragging Committee of Al-Ameen College, Edathala was conducted on 13-07-16. The programme was presided over by the College Manager, Dr. Junaid Rahman. Also present for the meeting were members from the Police force, local body and PTA. He spoke on the importance of the committee and discussed the activities [...]

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Anti-Ragging Committee Meeting


A statutory meeting of the Anti-Ragging Committee was conducted on 14-07-15. The function was presided over by the College Manager Dr. Junaid Rahman. He discussed the major activities that were to be conducted that academic year. He also spoke about the prospects of the committee.

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Anti- Ragging Awareness Program


The Anti- ragging awareness program was hosted on 10th July 2015, and was chaired by Mrs. Anjana Prasad, Lecturer, Bharath Matha College of Legal Studies, Aluva. She was proficient in addressing the mental trauma, an individual goes through when subject to ragging. She described a plethora of cases which stressed on the importance of maintaining [...]

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Anti- Ragging awareness class


The college has a vigilant committee against instances of ragging. The committee takes measures to repeatedly remind students of the consequences of ragging, and ensures that parents and new students are made aware of their rights. Anti- Ragging Committee is constituted to prevent ragging and to take necessary measures, as per the guide lines issued [...]

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