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Examinations under COVID -19


The institution made strict arrangements to maintain social distancing for the students who are entering the campus for the university examinations. strict exam protocol was provided to the students prior to the examinations which was to be followed by all without any fail. A physical separation was made for the entry of students wherein [...]

Examinations under COVID -192020-06-03T10:43:14+05:30

Sanitization of Class Rooms


The institution has taken effective measures for the smooth conduct of university examinations under the pandemic situations Covid-19 abiding the exam protocols. As part of this the whole class rooms were sanitized seeking the help of Fire Force, Aluva station. A set of instructions was provided to the students and teachers as Exam Protocol to [...]

Sanitization of Class Rooms2020-06-03T10:27:20+05:30

ഗസ്റ്റ് ലെക്ചർമാരുടെ ഒഴിവ്


എടത്തല, അൽ-അമീൻ കോളേജിൽ ബി.ബി.എ ,ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് ,മലയാളം വിഭാഗങ്ങളിൽ ഗസ്റ്റ് ലെക്ച്ചറുകളുടെ ഒഴിവുണ്ട്. യോഗ്യതയുള്ള ഉദ്യോഗാർത്ഥികൾ ബയോഡാറ്റ എന്ന ഇമെയിലിൽ അയക്കേണ്ടതാണ്.ഫോൺ : 0484–2836221, 2837561.

ഗസ്റ്റ് ലെക്ചർമാരുടെ ഒഴിവ്2020-05-26T11:09:17+05:30

ഗസ്റ്റ് ലെക്ചർമാരുടെ ഒഴിവ്


എടത്തല, അൽ-അമീൻ കോളേജിൽ ഫിസിക്സ് , കെമിസ്ട്രി ,ഇംഗ്ലീഷ്, മാത്തമാറ്റിക്സ് , അറബിക് എന്നീ ഡിപ്പാർട്ട്മെന്റുകളിൽ ഗസ്റ്റ് ലെക്ച്ചറുകളുടെ ഒഴിവുണ്ട്.യോഗ്യതയുള്ള ഉദ്യോഗാർത്ഥികൾ ബയോഡാറ്റ എന്ന ഇമെയിലിൽ അയക്കേണ്ടതാണ്.അപേക്ഷകർ എറണാകുളം ഡപ്യൂട്ടി ഡയറക്ടറുടെ കാര്യാലയത്തിൽ പേര് രജിസ്റ്റർ ചെയ്തവരായിരിക്കണം. ഇമെയിൽ ലഭിക്കേണ്ട അവസാന തീയതി 04/06/2020.ഫോൺ : 0484–2836221, 2837561.

ഗസ്റ്റ് ലെക്ചർമാരുടെ ഒഴിവ്2020-05-26T10:54:40+05:30

Webimar – Covid and College Education


The covid 19 virus has put the world’s smooth functioning into a sudden halt. There have been innumerable issues arising due to the outbreak of this malignant virus. One of the prominent issues related to this pandemic was the abrupt shutting down of the educational system. Being aware of the future requirement, IQAC of Al- [...]

Webimar – Covid and College Education2020-06-04T20:41:46+05:30

Webinar Series #4- Opportunities of Medical Tourism In Kerala


IQAC in association with the department of Tourism of Al- Ameen College, Edathala organized a webinar on 15/05/2020 in an attempt to respond to the global pandemic. The topic of the webinar was ‘opportunities of medical tourism in Kerala’. The resource person for the one hour program was Dr M Narayanan, MD, DCH, FIAP, president, [...]

Webinar Series #4- Opportunities of Medical Tourism In Kerala2020-06-04T19:55:48+05:30

Webinar Series:Talk #1-Global Pandemic


IQAC of Al- Ameen College, Edathala organized a webinar on 11/05/2020. The topic of the webinar was ‘higher education opportunities and challenges in building a learning community online’. The resource person for the one hour program was Dr Mohan B Menon, PhD D. Litt ( Honoris Causa) .He spoke about the various opportunities that are [...]

Webinar Series:Talk #1-Global Pandemic2020-06-04T20:22:34+05:30



                 #Learning finds no lockdown in Al-Ameen College amidst national lockdown# The out-break and the annihilation of the malignant virus Covid 19 happened to be at the time when the UG end semester examinations of 2nd and 3rd years were taking place.Adding on to that teachers were in a hurry to complete the portions [...]

#LET COVID-19 NOT STOP OUR TEACHING –LEARNING#2020-04-10T12:55:04+05:30

Al- Ameen College provides relief to the farmers in crisis.


The lockdown period witnessed the intervention of the commerce department of Al-Ameen College, Edathala, extending their noble service to the farmers and cultivators of Organic mangoes. Around 3400 kg of organic mangoes from ‘Muthalamada’, Palakad Dist are being marketed by the college in association with corporative bank. The college does not take any share of [...]

Al- Ameen College provides relief to the farmers in crisis.2020-04-10T10:41:37+05:30

International Forest Day Celebration


The International Forest Day is celebrated on March 21st of every year to raise awareness about the environment and various is types of forests.The nature club of Al-Ameen College celebrated the same by  organizing campaign sin a different way from 21stMarch,2020 due to the out-break of COVID19 . The nature club team promoted and motivated [...]

International Forest Day Celebration2020-04-10T10:03:52+05:30